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We want to hear from you! Send us your testimonial. Be sure to tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do.

"My boyfriend and I had already begun dating when we took Mindframes. The Compatibility Forecast report told me what strengths I bring to my romantic relationship and my less emphasized points where he complements me. The test confirmed what I’ve discovered in my relationship – that we’re an excellent couple!"

— Alison Bell, college student, Charlottesville, VA

"With the help of our Compatibility Forecast report, our friendship-turned-romance has continued to prosper in a manner better then I’d have hoped. The report was quite accurate in outlining how well our personalities are suited to each other—our forecast was Excellent! Not only did I learn about all the ways our personalities are alike, but also how she brings strengths to our relationship that I don’t have. Everyone we meet—teachers, parents, all my crazy psychologist friends—they all are amazed at how well and easily we communicate and get along. I explain that it’s in part because of Compatibility Forecast. Not only did we learn how best to communicate with each other, the most important foundation for any successful relationship, we also learned more about ourselves and the personal strengths we each contribute to the relationship."

— Ty Falk, college student, Grand Rapids, MI

"What I like about your site is that it offers confirmation that you are what you are. It is not change focused but offers reinforcements of our strengths. When we feel our strength, we are often ready to grow. The test was wonderfully affirming to do alone but the joy was in the sharing."

—Blair Conger, midwife, Norfolk, VA

Thin from Within is an eye opener report -- really hits on your personality type and why you do the things you do...or don't do consistently. I was impressed -- great job and I think others will find this very beneficial!

—Alice Franklin, office manager, Newport News, VA

I found MindFrames very interesting. I was amazed that it pegged me so accurately, and I recommended it to a girlfriend of mine. Initforlife is very user-friendly. It’s self-explanatory and fast, even with dial up.  

Jane Webb, intensive care nurse supervisor, Corpus Christi, TX

I have been blown away by the accuracy of the results from your test. I have been studying people for years, and over the last eight years I have done so many personal development courses, but with this test you really do get a brilliant feel for how the other person operates. It can add new understanding and spark to a relationship or friendship and from personal experience it can have incredible effects on an individual if you are looking to improve yourself.

— Anwar Craven, director, mobile phone company, Torquay, Devon, UK

Inspirational quotes and over 2500 of them—what a lovely idea! I found your site to be creative, helpful, and very user friendly. I especially like the frames. I’ve never seen another site with quotes that has this feature.

—Connie Holmes, high school English teacher, Newport News, VA

I found the website intriguing, and it immediately captured my interest. The site’s Communicating Match-Up report was insightful and useful in understanding how to effectively communicate with my husband.

—Eileen McDermott, real estate appraiser, Nashville, TN

I have enjoyed using your quotes.They make great topics for discussion. Thank You!

Wanda J. Gilson-Smith, high school teacher, Vero Beach, FL

One of the most difficult problems in technology is getting technologists and non-technologists to communicate. Mindframes helps folks understand how somebody else is listening to what you are saying.

—Chuck Shubert, Java Architect, Boston, Massachusetts

Neat! I will probably use Frame-a-Quote every day! I like the feature which lets the user choose a category…that way I don’t have to do all the work!

—Jean Scudder, middle school teacher, Newport News, VA

By helping me understand myself, Mindframes helped me communicate more effectively with others—clients, co-workers and friends.

—Kathleen Scott, banker, New Braunfels, TX

I love Frame-a-Quote!  I have already printed out a quotation for my wall—on accountability from Lou Holtz—and I’m sure that it is just the first of many!

—Emmi Harward, high school guidance counselor, Newport News, VA

The Frame-a-Quote service is so cool and easy to use! Thanks for making it happen.

—Chris Johnson, consultant, Hayden, Idaho

MindFrames has increased my ability to be a leader in my workplace and a supportive partner in my personal life. The time I spent with Initforlife was definitely time well spent.

—Jan Pressgrove, music teacher, Del Rio, Texas

We want to hear from you! Send us your testimonial. Be sure to tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do.