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Imagine that you and a friend are having lunch at a new Thai restaurant. After the waiter serves the spring rolls, you notice that there are no chopsticks. “Isn’t it funny,” you say, “I thought all oriental restaurants…” At that exact moment your friend says, “Where are the chopsticks? I wonder why…” And both of you laugh, because you were about to say the same thing at the same time.

When two people have similar characteristics, they often think, say and do similar things. As in a dance, the partners mirror each other and move forward together in familiar ways. When this happens, the relationship feels comfortable. More often than not, the couple feels that they understand each other—as if they were “soul mates.”

Harmony comes from personality similarities. When two people have the same mindframe in their comfort zones, the mindframe will be comfortable and familiar to both and they’ll use it frequently.

This kind of similarity can benefit a relationship because it improves the likelihood of harmony. If your partner is very much like you, there will be fewer surprises. Much of the time, the two of you will be headed in the same direction, and relating to each other will often seem effortless.

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MindFrames Personality Test

MindFrames is a free online personality test based on research in brain science. It measures how often you use each of eight distinct patterns of thought and action. Your preferences are the foundation of your unique personality.

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