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What's a mindframe?

To understand what a "mindframe" is, consider a few basic facts about the brain, where all thought and action begins.

Like a computer, your brain processes information. The brain itself is the "hardware." The "software programs" are the skills, habits and coping mechanisms you learned throughout your life. They use data such as facts, sights, sounds, memories and other input. The results of all this processing are your decisions and actions—your thought and behavior patterns.

The thinking part of your brain has four regions. The two back regions collect data—specific details, facts, images and experiences. The two front regions relate the data to find out what it means. The left side is language-based and organizes data logically. The right side is nonverbal and associates data intuitively.

Thus, there are four physical regions of the outer thinking layer of the brain. Each of the four regions performs a special kind of thinking and in turn, each region triggers a special kind of action. That's a total of four thought patterns and four action patterns. We call these eight patterns "mindframes," because you experience them as frames of mind.

The four thought mindframes are Order (left-back), Logic (left-front), Sensitivity (right-back) and Insight (right-front).

The four action mindframes are Control (left-back), Proactivity (left-front), Sociability (right-back) and Charisma (right-front).

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