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Weight loss, diet and fitness directory
Here are some great sites that can help you on your way to getting healthy and feeling great!
Aerobics 8
Alternative Medicine 6
Anti-Aging 2
Aromatherapy 4
Beauty Products 8
Bodybuilding 32
Bodybuilding Supplements 13
Diet Calculators and Tools 11
Diet Pills and Nutritional Supplements 18
Diet Plans 10
Diet Resources 13
Dieticians and Nutritional Therapists 3
Eating Disorders 6
Exercise Resources 3
Exercise Videos 2
Exercises 3
Family Wellness 4
Fitness Apparel 10
Fitness Directories 5
Fitness Equipment 37
Fitness Information 24
Fitness Models 10
Fitness Music 1
Fitness Products 6
Fitness Programs 10
Gyms and Fitness Clubs 4
Health Directories 3
Health Foods 8
Health Products 27
Health Resources 19
Healthy Living 15
Healthy Weight for Children and Teens 3
Herbalife 11
Hypnotherapy 10
Low Carb 9
Martial Arts 2
Medical Resources 6
Mens Health 1
Non-Profit Organizations 8
Nutrition Resources 5
Nutrition Software 3
Nutrition Supplements 40
Obesity 3
Personal Trainers 16
Pilates 1
Recipes and Cooking 3
Seniors Health 5
Strength Training 1
Tai Chi 4
Vegetarian 12
Vitamins 9
Weight Lifting 2
Weight Loss and Fitness Careers 4
Weight Loss Books 8
Weight Loss Communities 7
Weight Loss Directories 11
Weight Loss Products 16
Weight Loss Programs 37
Weight Loss Software 13
Weight Loss Support 29
Weight Loss Surgery 2
Wellness 9
Womens Health 24
Yoga 8
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Weight Loss Book of the Week

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
By Walter C. Willett (Fireside, 2002), paperback, 299 pp.
This is a useful, easy-to-read nutritional guide based on up-to-date scienceand research. It explains why the traditional food pyramid is outdated and offersa sound alternative.

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