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“He’s good for me.”

“When I’m with her, I’m a whole person.”

When someone says something like this about his or her companion, it usually means that they’re different in important ways. One person brings something valuable to the relationship that the other person doesn’t. One person is strong in a way that the other isn’t.

In a relationship, two people don’t always think the same or act the same. When two people bring different patterns and perspectives to a relationship, the differences don’t have to be frustrating. They can lead to new ways to experience fulfillment and happiness. Like chemistry, contrasting personalities can interact to produce something greater than the sum of the parts—a more enriched life.

Enrichment is much more likely when personality differences aren’t extreme. Whether the differences turn out to be beneficial depends a lot on whether each person is able to reach out with patience and understanding to accept, value and affirm what’s different about the other.

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MindFrames Personality Test

MindFrames is a free online personality test based on research in brain science. It measures how often you use each of eight distinct patterns of thought and action. Your preferences are the foundation of your unique personality.

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